Logo creation for falcons

A pipe fitting firm   called Falcon. They specialize in producing and offering premium pipe fittings to customers in the manufacturing, oil & gas, and construction sectors. Falcon is now looking to modernize their brand with a new logo design. Falcon has established a reputation for providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.


The goal is to redesign Falcon’s logo in a way that honors the brand’s commitment to excellence, dependability, and innovation. The logo should be contemporary and appealing while also conveying expertise and reliability.


We started by researching Falcon’s rivals as well as the pipe fitting market before beginning the logo design process. To gain a feel for the most recent design trends in the sector, we examined their already-existing logos and branding. To further understand what sets Falcon apart from its rivals, we also examined their key principles and USP.

Developing a concept

We came up with a few basic logo options for Falcon based on our study. For the letter “F” to stand in for the company’s name, we looked at a variety of graphic aspects, like pipes and fittings. In order to create the most powerful design, we also tested out various fonts, colors, and layouts.


With the two design directions chosen, we worked to refine the chosen concepts further. We experimented with different colors, spacing, and proportions to ensure that the designs were visually balanced and effective.

Final Design:
The final logo design for Falcon features an abstract falcon icon in blue with the company name in a bold, sans-serif font in gray. The icon is designed with a modern, geometric style, featuring sharp angles and clean lines. The icon’s shape is reminiscent of a pipe fitting, representing the company’s core business.

Overall, the new logo design effectively represents Falcon’s values of quality, reliability, and innovation. It’s modern and eye-catching, while still maintaining a sense of professionalism and trust. It’s a great reflection of the company’s brand and mission, and will help Falcon stand out in a crowded industry.




The new logo effectively represents Falcon’s commitment to excellence, dependability, and innovation. It features a contemporary design that is visually appealing while instilling a sense of expertise and reliability. The refined typography and color palette contribute to a modern and timeless aesthetic.

Enhanced Brand Perception: The redesigned logo has the potential to enhance Falcon’s brand perception. It aligns with their core values and differentiates them from competitors, allowing the brand to better connect with their target audience and stakeholders.

Increased Recognition and Memorability: The simplicity and clarity of the redesigned logo make it more memorable and recognizable. Its distinct visual elements and cohesive design contribute to better brand recall, aiding in increased brand visibility and customer engagement.


The redesigned logo for Falcon successfully captures the brand’s commitment to excellence, dependability, and innovation. The contemporary and appealing design, along with the choice of typography and colors, conveys expertise and reliability. By aligning the logo with Falcon’s brand essence, the redesign has the potential to enhance the brand’s perception, increase recognition, and contribute to the overall success of the company.

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