Made online presence for dziner gallery

DZINER GALLERY is a small gift and framing shop that offers personalized framing services for artwork, photos, and memorabilia. The shop also offers unique gifts such as handcrafted jewelry, ceramics, and home decor items. The owner, Ms. Smith, has been in the framing industry for over 15 years and started her own business three years ago.


They contacted our company with the goal of establishing an online presence for her business. She needed a website that would showcase her products and services, allow customers to request framing quotes, and provide information on the shop’s location and hours. Additionally, she wanted a logo that would accurately represent her business and differentiate it from competitors.


Our team worked closely with Dziner gallery to understand her vision for the website and logo. We conducted market research to identify design trends in the framing industry and surveyed customers to determine what they would look for in a framing website. Based on this research, we developed a website and logo that aligned with DZINER GALLERY’s brand identity.

Website Design:

We designed a website with a simple and intuitive interface that allows customers to easily navigate through the various products and services offered by the shop. The website includes a feature that allows customers to request framing quotes by submitting a form with their framing requirements. We also integrated an e-commerce platform that enables customers to purchase gift items directly from the website.

Logo Design:

For the logo design, we created a modern and sophisticated design that uses a clean typography and a minimalist color palette of black and white. The logo features a stylized letter “D” in the shape of a picture frame, which represents the framing services offered by the shop. We also incorporated the tagline “Artful Gifts and Framing” to communicate the dual nature of the business.



The new website and logo design have helped DZINER GALLERY to establish a strong online presence and differentiate itself from competitors. Since launching the website, the shop has seen a significant increase in online traffic and sales, with customers praising the website’s user-friendly interface and the convenience of being able to purchase gift items online. The logo has also helped to establish the brand identity of the business, with customers recognizing the shop’s unique and modern aesthetic. Overall, our partnership with DZINER GALLERY has helped to elevate the business and improve its competitiveness in the framing industry.


By implementing a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy, DZINER GALLERY successfully enhanced its brand recognition, online presence, customer engagement, and sales. The establishment of a strong brand identity, redesigning the website, leveraging social media platforms, and implementing customer loyalty programs were instrumental in achieving these positive outcomes. DZ

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